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About time

Can I delivery on the same day?

Yes, you can! If you leave your baggage at the hotel reception desk by 9:00, you can pick it up at the airport or hotel after 16:00 on same day.

When should I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by 23:00 the day before delivering your luggage.

When do you come to pick up my luggage?

We will pick up between 9:00 and 13:00.

Can you pick up my luggage at night time?

Sorry,we can't. You can leave your luggage at the reception desk anytime, but it will be picked up from 9:00 to 13:00 the next day.

I don't have a reservation but want to send my luggage today is this possible?

If we can arrange driver we can pick up your luggage, but the reservation can be full. We recommend that you make a reservation by the previous day.

From what time can I pick up my luggage?

You can pick up after 16:00.

I want to pick up my luggage before 16:00. What should I do?

In the case please make a reservation by 23:00 two days before, and leave your luggage at the reseption desk by 9:00 of the day before.

The flight is a late night flight departing from Haneda Airport International. What time is the counter open?

Haneda Airport international counters are open 24 hours.

I want to know customer bussiness hour.

8: 30-23: 00.

Luggage size

Which size is the backpack belong to?

Max 80cm in length⇒ handbag, if larger, select Carry-on size.

Is there a weight limit?

Max 30kg in Weight.

Can I send something not listed on the HP?

Please contact customer support.


Where can I know the price?

You can check here

I will leave my luggage tomorrow, but I will stay in another prefecture and then go to the airport. Is there a storage fee?

Storage fee is for free for a month.


Tell me how to pay.

Credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners), PayPal, AliPay, WeChat Pay can be used.

Can I pay with cash?

Please contact customer support.

Can I pay at the airport counter when picking up my luggage?

Sorry we can't, but we will prepay you. Please refrain from paying at the airport counter.

I want a receipt

Yes. Please contact customer support.


Please tell me where to pick up at the airport.

Please see here.

How can I send to Narita Airport terminal3?

Please pick up luggage at teminal 2 and take free shuttle bus.
It will take about 15 minutes on foot or about 3 minutes by direct shuttle bus between Teminal 2&3.

Please tell me the avalable area for delivery.

Tokyo→[FROM] Hotel in Tokyo 23 wards or Maihama area.
Tokyo→[TO] Hotel in Tokyo 23 wards or Maihama area and Narita airport, Haneda airport.

Can you send from Tokyo to Kyoto?

Sorry. Cannot be done outside the area

Where are the luggage tags?

Please ask hotel staff.

Where should I leave my luggage?

Please leave your luggage at the hotel reception.


How can I change or cancel my reservation?

Please contact customer support.

I sent my luggage to the airport, but the flight date has changed. Will you keep it until then?

Yes. We would appreciate it if you contact us about the change before the original flight time.


How many days in advance can I make a reservation?

We accept reservations up to six months ahead.

I'd like to make a reservation in advance, but I don't know the room number because I haven't checked in the hotel.

Please enter your “check-in date (planned for XX month XX day)” in the room number field of the reservation form.
Please share your room number with customer support after check-in.

Where is the Transaction number listed?

It is stated in the reservation confirmation email.

I have made a reservation but haven't received a confirmation email.

I'm very sorry. Please contact customer support.

I'm worried that it was delivered properly. Can you check it somewhere?

You will be notified by e-mail after collection and delivery.

Deliverable Luggage

Can I send raw food?

Sorry. You can't carry raw food.

Is there anything else I can't send?

Please see here


Can I send my luggage from Airbnb‎ / company / apartment?

Yes we can! We accept an additional charge of 3,000 yen (excluding tax).

We ordered more than 2 luggage. Do I have to put luggage tags on each of luggage?

Yes, please put tags on each of luggage. Transaction number should be same.

Can people get on?

Sorry you can't. We can only delivery your luggage. Please use trains, buses and taxis.